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Help Delivered to Nikol in Vazashen, Tavush - 6/3/17

Today one of our group members delivered the aid we prepared for Nikol and his son. Whoever doesn't know his story, here is a little bit about him. In 1992 azerbaijanis murdered his wife in front of their children, and as a result of this stress, their son, who was at the time 4 years old, suffered emotional stress and his eyesight slowly deteriorated. Today, Nikol's son is considered legally blind. He works as much as he can, but eye medications are so expensive, they barely have food to eat, have no bedding, basically, nothing to look forward to.

To ALL who were part of this mission, I would like to personally thank you, because even though this was not our regular mission, I can confidently say that it's fully accomplished! here is why:

We took him a lot of food, especially dry and canned food to last them at least 8 months. We also took them all the bedding they needed and asked for. In addition to that, we delivered 20 chicken, which will give them at least 20 eggs a day.

One Family organization delivered them a mother pig, who's already pregnant.

A very much awaited smile was inevitable from Nicol's face, his relief and thankfulness was immeasurable. Today, his face showed joy and much hope for the future. Thank you all who helped. God bless you.

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