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Izzy's and Vana's Birthday Fundraiser - Special Equipment Delivered to Mariamik

Here is one of these reasons that gives me the strength to do more.

The beautiful children you see on the left are Izzy (on the left) and Vana (on the right). These angels just had their 3rd birthday, and are the reason that Mariamik now has a treadmill, a corsett, and a special wheelchair. On their third birthday, their parents decided to do a birthday fundraiser and help a child in need. And so we were able to buy a special treadmill for Mariamik, and order her corset and the chair. Because the chair and corsett will take several weeks to be completed, I am just posting the pics of the treadmill we delivered.

Thank you, Anna and Sara. Your generosity is beyond the words of gratitude I can express from us and Mariam's parents. You and people like you are the reason I still have hope for humanity and will be fighting for the wellness of our people in our Motherland. God bless you❤️

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