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Our Team's Visit to Family in Nor Kharberd - June 19, 2017

Dear friends, today our group visited a family with four children in Nor Kharberd. This was a family who had four children, who are straight A students and one of them is a sportsman, who won 5 first place medals. He was not able to continue attending his sport because his family had no means to pay.

We took then a cow, 30 chickens, firewood, electric oven, kettle, food for a long time, including meat products, vegetables, dairy products, canned/dry food, clothes for all members of the family, stationery, school bags and toys.

Also, the boy's one year sports tuition was paid in full, so that he will be able to continue boxing.

After our visit, I hope that the family's social status will change, since they now have a source of income from cow and chicken. The children are excellent students and will succeed in education and sports. In the mean time, the parents will use the animals as a very sustainable income and will no longer have to think about how they will feed their children.

Thank you all.

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