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Our Group Visited Kharberd, Family with a Disabled Child - 6/4/17

Today our team was in Kharberd, visiting a family with 6 children, one of whom is a disabled child. We took them a cow, which gives in average of 15 liters of milk a day, 30 laying hens which will give at least 30 eggs a day, firewood for the upcoming winter, a washing machine, electric oven, enough food for a very long time, several large sacks of flour and potatoes, grains, beans and canned/dry food, sweets, vegetable oil, vegetables, meat, dairy products, toys for children, and clothes and shoes for the whole family for all 4 seasons.

I hope that our delivered help will bring positive changes in their life and they will not have any problems getting out of their desperate situation. Thank you all for being with us, as without your support, this help would not be possible. God bless you.

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