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Help Delivered to Family Who Fled From Talish - June 26, 2017

Dear friends, Thanks to one of our group members, Nektar Toukhladjian Mpt, who wanted to help a family in extreme need, we visited a wonderful family that lost their home in Talish during the April war last year, and thus moved into the village of Vosketap.

The family found themselves with no food, no roof over their heads, no furniture for several days until they found and rented the house in Vosketap. The family's father started working as a teacher in one of the schools. The grandmother, unfortunately, is at the very last stage of cancer and the family is overall in a very difficult situation.

The children long for a bicycle, which the family could not afford, they don't have any other income except for dad's, which isn't nearly enough to buy grandma's medications, let alone buy food for the children.

Thanks to One Family Mission, they now have a cow which already gives 14-15 liters of milk a day, and chicken so that they will have eggs on daily basis and sell the extra for income.

In addition, we took them almost 7 months worth of canned/dry food, bedding and sheets, school bags for boys, games, some stationery, and of course a sports bike for the boys, which they SO MUCH wished for. Now, they don't have to ask the neighbors' kids to borrow their bikes and sometimes get denied. The three boys will share their their own :)

Thank you for being part of our group and thank you for your generous contribution, dear Nektar :) God bless all children and families.

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