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Our Team's Visit to Family in Poverty in Nor Kharberd - 7/22/17

Dear friends,

Today our team visited a family of 10 children with the 11th-child to be born soon. They live in Nor Kharberd. When we visited them several weeks ago, children had nothing to eat that day, were running around in worn-out clothing, and the mother told us that some of the kids will not be able to go to school because of lack of clothes and school supplies...not to mention that they would be going to school with empty stomachs. Our visit changed their lives forever....

We had a lot of things we delivered for them, most importantly of which were a cow, 30 chicken, firewood for the upcoming winter, washing machine, electric oven, electric kettle, food to last them more than 8 months, school bags and supplies for school children and quite a lot of school stationary. We also took lots of clothing for all family members, shoes, hygiene accessories, toys and more.

I know that this family will soon come out of extreme poverty and will be able to properly manage what they already have, and will begin to live more or less well-off in their everyday life. With a cow that delivers in average of 15 Liters of milk on daily basis, and at least 30 eggs a day, they will have a sustainable income. With this kind of help, the children will NO LONGER go to bed hungry :)

God bless you for your generosity.

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