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Aid Delivered to Reunited Family - Kids From Orphanage - 7/29/17 — in Vanadzor.

Friends, our truck today left for Vanadzor city,to deliver aid for the children and their mother, who are in a difficult stage in life. Children, being at a risk of ending up in an orphanage.

As I mentioned before, the mother started working and with our help, weekly visits from social worker and one of our team members in Vanadzor, we will ensure that the children will never end up in this situation again. So....... today.......

We delivered them a refrigerator, an electric oven, an automatic washing machine, food for several months, hygiene supplies, school bags and stationery, clothing and footwear, household items, kitchen supplies and utensils, toys and other necessary items.

We invited the social worker at once, to show her that the children will be better off with their mother and will have everything they need. The social worker was surprised and so was the mother, who told us that this was the first time that she felt she was not ignored, neglected, and she felt loved. She promised us that she will not let us down and she will work hard to provide for her children, even though her husband is not by their side.

This is what our team member wrote: "Lusine, the mother, said that she will bake bread every day, and since right now she doesn't have need to buy anything from the store, this will set them ahead for quite a long time.

She was so happy with all the appliances, that she said to our team member "I am going to keep this house and my children so clean, that from now on you will save my name in your phone not "dirty Lusine" but "clean Lusine"

The only thing left is to fix up the bathroom, we already bought the toilet, and in the next few days, it will be fixed, the washing machine will be set up. They only thing left is to make sure that Lusine will keep her promise, but at the same time, we will monitor her every week, we know where she works and will make sure that she stays there and works.

The older boy was jumping like a small child, getting into their gifts to see which can be his. The house is filled... there is nothing else they need but to continue living a normal life, and the mom providing for her children. "

Friends, I would like to thank all those who took part in the rescue of this family. This was a team effort.... a union of TRUE ARMENIANS, who really cared about a family who was on the verge of separation, and children ending up at an orphanage.

Thank you again, and God bless you abundantly for being there for them... rescuing 2 children from their future being ruined and from rescuing them from psychological trauma.

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