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Dprabak Village - Group Visit to 5 Families in Poverty 8/6/17

Dear friends, On August 6, our group headed to Gegharkunik Province, Dprabak Village to visit 5 families living in poverty. All 5 families were visited individually and each family received what is mentioned below.

I must say that after our visit, these families will be living with their children no longer longing for food, school supplies, and many other things, just because they now have a sustainable income.

We took them cows, chickens, firewood for winter, washing machines, refrigerators, electric stoves, food to last them for more than 8 months, clothes and shoes for all members of the family, school bags for all children, stationery, toys and more.

Now these 5 families have sustainable income, children can attend school and will no longer feel ashamed because of their clothes and shoes, parents will have enough and necessary items to prepare bread for quite a while, and winter for them will be a warm one :)

I would like to specifically mention the villagers. This is the true Armenia... They are the true and humble Armenians whom we have learned about from our grandparents and great grandparents. The men of all five families walked with our group until the end in the village and unitedly helped our trucks to empty all items to all 5 families. Each of them considered his duty to do something suitable for a fellow villager, and in that case he was equally happy to help everyone.

Throughout all our visits that we have done so far, we have not encountered such attitude that the villagers have towards each other. We didn't have to tell them to help... they came, joined, and just helped.

Dprabak Village was one of the unique villages in which the residents were like each other's brothers and sisters, relatives and friends and were equally delighted with everyone's help. It was as if envy, unwillingness, malice, and such negative phenomena did not exist in this village. In short, our group was impressed with them. . Friends, unfortunately this is the first but not the last visit to the residents of this village, as there are more families in need there. However, I must say something: I am more than confident that the difficult and time consuming work done by Aid Beyond Borders and our team in Armenia in not in vain. One can work a lifetime with no regrets to get these kinds of families back on their feet again, helping them have a sustainable income and seeing them thrive because of all our efforts :)))

Thank you who were part of this, especially Ruzanna Martirosyan - Lion's Partners Insurance Agency Hayarpi Shishikyan Armik Ovasapian Vera Haghnazarian Devletian for your times, your love, and your generosity.

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