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Visit to Family in Vanadzor - Living in Avan, Armenia - 8/19/17 — in Avan, Yerevan, Armenia.

Dear friends, Today we visited Sona and David and their 3 sons in Avan, a discreet, modest family who appeared in a socially disadvantaged state.

For those of you who don't know about them, here is a recap: They moved from Vanadzor to Avan, because one of their sons has a medical condition that requires constant care in Yerevan. And coming from Vanadzor to Yerevan on daily basis was something impossible for them. The father is a mechanic, he works day and night, but still they weren't able to cover several months of rent let alone be able to buy school supplies for their children. So we decided to help them get back on their feet, just because they are a hard-working family and needed a very much needed boost from us.

We took for them 30 chicken to maintain some income and food for children, electric oven, food for at least 8 months, school bags for children and much needed school stationery, clothes and shoes for all members of the family, bicycle and other toys for children, and most importantly, we repaid 5 months of rent that they owed.

The family was excited, at the same time very thankful to everyone.

Dear friends, thank you all for being with us, Together we managed to simplify the burden of the yet another family in need. Thank you, Vick Ismailyan for joining us on our team visit :)))

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