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Visit to Single Mother & 3 Children in Artashat - 9/17/2017.

Dear friends, Today, our group visited the single mother, Alina Karapetyan, who lives in a container with her 3 children in Artashat. The children's father abandoned them, leaving them in a miserable situation. Thanks to all who donated, especially Margarit Mardirosian, who, in lieu of flowers for her mother's funeral, asked to donate to our mission. Because of that, we were able to complete yet another mission by saving another family from hunger.

We took this family a cow, 30 chicken, a refrigerator, a semi-automatic washing machine, an electric oven, kettle, clothing and shoes for all members of the family, food to last them for a long time, school supplies, toys for children and more.

Our help will ease their miserable condition as they will have fresh eggs every day and about 15 liters of milk on daily basis. Let's hope that the mother will be able to handle our delivered help the right way, work and care for her 3 children's everyday concerns to make sure they grow to become valuable people for our Motherland.

Thank you all for being with us. Without your support, this mission would not have had a successful completion. As a result of the united work from all of us, the daily problems of such families are gradually diminishing.

Thank you.

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