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Aid Delivered to Lusine and Her 2 Children - Sept. 24, 2017 — in Vanadzor

Dear friends, this past weekend, our group was finally able to visit the single mom Lusine and 2 of her children living in Vanadzor, whom her husband abandoned and left in very vulnerable situation.

Frankly, the visit was delayed because we offered Lusine to move to a house that would have a barn and we would give her a pig and chicken through which she would have more and more income. Unfortunately, not enough money was raised to buy the animals, and we were only able to deliver what we could to ensure the children had food to eat.

So yesterday she received a great deal of help, a lot of food, which will last her for several months, if not years, would be enough for them: meat products, dairy products, canned/dry food, sack flour, potatoes, sugar, grains, oven oven, baby bed, clothes for everyone, warm clothes, toys, and so on.

Lusine was very overwhelmed by the amount of help she received, and she is looking for a house which she can rent, so that she will be able to take care of animals as well in the near future, if we can help her.

The 3 year old child played with every toy out of the boxes and was happy about it)))

She was very happy and thankful, saying that she would finally eat something normal.

Friends, we will continue to follow Lusine's family and when she has a home and have an opportunity to keep animals, after which we will try to help her with that too. Thank you all :))

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