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Aid Delivered to Family in Kuchak Village - 10/22/2017

Dear friends,

Today our group visited the family who lives in Kuchak village, a wonderful family where everyone, from the smallest to the oldest, was very grateful and appreciative.

I was so looking forward to this day because from the first day I posted about this family, I loved them very much. Everyone was working in this family without any hesitation. Because of the debts accumulated during the mother's several months sickness, children were working with the father to try to pay off the debts.

Now about the visit: We took them a cow, 30 live chicken, 2 pigs, washing machine, bread baking oven, electric kettle, computer for children, food to last them for more than one year, including over 200kg flour, 100kg potatoes, grains, milk and meat products, sweets, oils, oils, dry/canned food, and much much more.

In addition, we provided clothing for all family members for both winter and summer months.

Children received school bags, lots of school stationery, household items and supplies , bedding, toys. The mother was given a small sum before our visit by one of our group members and they ended up paying off some of the existing loans.

In addition, the family has a sponsor, who will send them money every month until April of next year, which will be used to repay family debts.

Dear friends, I am more than confident that after our visit, the life of this family changed forever, a family where everyone works, each one of them firmly has each other's back, a family where love, peace, unity and respect is abundant towards each others. A family that has blessed and appreciated and was very grateful for every aid they received.

Thank you for being with us. This is the result of our unity, because when we unite, we change lives. God bless you.

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