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Visit to the Gevorgyan Family in Pushkino Village - 11/11/2017 — in Pushkino, Armenia.

Dear friends, Today our group visited the Gevorgyan family living in Pushkino village, Lori Region. The father of the children performs various types of work in the village; the mother collects potatoes with the newborn tied on her back, and thus earns some of the living of the family. Even though they are an extremely hard-working family, there are days that the children starve because the income is not nearly enough to buy daily bread. So we decided that if we get them back on their feet, the children will no longer be hungry.

Overall, we are impressed with our visit. A modest, even though disadvantaged family is raising children not only excelling in education but also in modesty and respect towards each other and others.

We took seven sheep for them, equivalent to a cow, since one of our group members gave them a cow. The father will be able to breed the sheep, use their milk, and use their fur for further income. We also took them a gas cooker, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, and a TV set. In addition, all members of the family received shoes, clothes, the school children received school accessories, stationery, toys, hygiene items and more.

The children were very modest and were impatiently looking to uncover their gifts. They were cheerfully showing each other toys and other gifts we took them :))

I must note that the father of the family, Mkhitar, is grateful, appreciative and an honest person. I'm more than certain that by working this hard, the family will come out of their socially vulnerable position at a fairly rapid pace and the children will live a more prosperous life.

Thank you for being with us, this was possible because of your support :))

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