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Firewood & Food Delivered to Families in Lori Region - "Warming Hearts & Homes" Fu

Dear Friends, As you know, we had a fundraiser 2 weeks ago, "Warming Homes and Hearts" hosted by Levisionbyj and with a generous donations from friends of Jasmine Ter-Harutyunyan along with donations from Artin Dolatian and his friends, 11 families received both food and firewood, enough to last them through the whole winter.

These families were chosen one-by-one to be in extreme hardship, unable to warm their homes in addition to not being able to provide much food. Winters in villages are the worst, since there is no work in the fields, and with severe weather, most of the work that could be done in summer months pretty much dies during winter. Many families in these villages find themselves with not being able to buy firewood to warm their homes.

Consider this fundraiser a great success, since more families were helped than initially intended. When we unite, we change lives.... And when we change lives, we instill hope into the hearts of these families, showing them that there are people, across the world, who care for them and will always be by their side.

Thank you all who made this happen. God bless you.

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