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Aid Delivered to Papoyan Family in Vardablur Village - 2/3/18

Dear friends,

Our team visited the Papoyan family living in Vardablur village in Lori Province. This family lost their daughter a couple of years ago and they are living. We took them a cow, a refrigerator, an electric oven, 2 sacks of 50kg flour, long lasting food, clothes and toys.

The family was very happy, they were very excited to see us, the children were happy with their gifts, opened them, looked at them, rejoiced.

The parents were also very happy, excited, and at the same time very grateful. Despite health problems, his father still cares for the family to care for them.

They especially were happyt about the cow, saying they would no longer have a problem with the dairy products I am confident that our visit will become a new beginning of their successful life. Thank you for being with us <3

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