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Visit to Asatryan Family in Vardablur Village - Feb. 3, 2018

Dear friends, Our group visited the Asatryan family living in Vardablur village, in Lori Province. This family fell into a lot of debt when they discovered that their newborn had medical problems. They sold most of the things they had in order to save their child. They are a hard-working family, and given the help that we delivered today, they will be able to not only stand back on their feet, but also be able to provide for their children.

We took one cow, a refrigerator, an electric oven, 2 sacks of 50kg flour, long lasting food, clothing and toys for them, and in January we have taken them 5 cubic meters of firewood to last them the whole winter.

The family was very happy with our visit, the Asatryan family, a grateful, hardworking family, said that the fact that they now have a cow will change their social status tremendously. The family also cultivates the soil and in every way tries to stabilize their situation.

I am confident that after our visit, the family will become more and more able to survive and overcome their socially unstable situation. Thank you for being with us <3

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