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Aid with Basic Necessities Delivered to Zenfira Tatik and her Grandchildren - 2/8/18


One of our members, who wishes to remain anonymous, raised enough money to purchase a fridge, oven, and chairs for Zenfira tatik. Anyone who doesn’t know who This tatik is, here it is in short: 2 small children, abandoned by their mother, were left in care of their grandmother, who was supposed to raise them with her small pension. Two months ago, we delivered her firewood, food, clothes, toys, etc with the same member’s fundraiser back in December. Today, they received chairs, which they didn’t have, fridge, and a much needed oven. The youngest child was not getting out of the chair, saying that now they will be able to eat their meals at the table. Thank you for being with us. Thanks for changing lives ♥️

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