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Help Delivered to Family in Mets Masrik Village - 3/11/2018.

Dear friends, Today our group visited a family with 5 minors living in Mets Masrik village in Gegharkunik Province. This family lives in one room with their sick grandmother and a father who has health conditions, but still works to try to feed the children.

We had many things for them. First of all, the issue of their livestock grass was resolved, as we delivered several months worth of grass for the cow.

In addition, we took them a lot of food, which would last them anywhere between 8-10 months, even a year, including flour, potatoes, pasta, grains, groceries, boxes of oil, chicken, sweets for children and many other dry/canned food that lasts a long time.

Besides the above, we took a lot of winter/summer/fall clothes and shoes for each member of the family, games and toys, school bags, stationery and other items for children.

The children were happy to open one box after another, look at their gifts, rejoice for each one, and the grandmother and the mother were excited and thankful to us.

Dear Friends, another socially insecure family received help, at the same time received hope for tomorrow. Now they know that they are not alone, there are people who can help them survive even at a very difficult time of their life. Thank you for being with us <3 God bless you.

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