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Eline's Dream Came True! - Ellie's Birthday Fundraiser - March 12, 2018

Ellie, the tiny person with a huge contagious smile you see in this post just turned 2 years old... but by turning 2, she made a 9 year old's dream come to reality. Ellie's parents decided to raise money for Elina (a 9 year old girl living in one of the villages in Lori Province) on their daughter's 2nd birthday, and as a result, Elina now has everything she has asked Santa, but never received.

She was dreaming of having a bike.... but this is not all she received. Thanks to 2 year old Ellie, Elina now has a really cool bike, roller blades, lots of toys, and school supplies.

Thank you Anna Musaelian Iskikian for your generosity. This girl will never forget today, where we surprised her with these many gifts!

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