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Visit to Single Mom in Gosh, Tavush Province - 4.1.18

Dear friends, Qristos Hariav i Merelots! Happy Easter!

Today, on this sacred day, our group visited the single mother with three minor children living in the village of Gosh, in Tavush Province. Her husband left them several years ago, went to Russia with no intention of coming back. Now this mom is both a mother and a father to her children, living in her parents' home, not being able to feed her children.

Because of your generous donations, we were able to make our happy visit today, on Easter Day.

We had many surprises for them, most importantly, we took them a cow and chicken to ensure a sustainable income, refrigerator, bread making oven, flour, potatoes, oils, grains, food to last them at least 8 months, clothing and footwear, children's stationery, shoes, school bags, toys and more.

The children were very happy with our visit. They were trying on their shoes and opening toys, and the mother was excited and thankful.

Today, we visited a modest, discreet, hard-working family. I hope that our visit will be the beginning of their prosperous life.

Thank you to all the participants, our followers, and our group members.

Happy Easter and God Bless you!

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