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Help Delivered to Family in Kechut Village - Vayots Dzor - 4.15.18

Dear friends,

One of our active supporters, Tak Boroyan, recently had a birthday fundraiser for us, and with the money collected, we helped a family in Kechut Village in Vayots Dzor, where 4 underage children are growing.

We took them to an electric stove for bread baking, a lot of food, including three 50kg bags of flour, grains, oils, potatoes, sweets, meat products, clothing and shoes for the family, toys for kids and school stationery. The family was also give a pig from another organization.

The children were delighted to open one box after another, looking at their gifts, and the youngest was studying the box of sweets.)))

The children's mother she was so excited that she could not speak. The whole house was filled with our surprises :)))

Another hard working family got our help, as a boost to better their lives, and we hope that the presence and assistance of the the pig, that's already pregnant, will become a huge help for their well-being.

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