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Second Family Helped in Gugark Village, Lori - 4/15/18

Dear Friends, This past weekend we visited Ms. Sandukht and her family. This visit was one of the three, sponsored by a member of our group, who wishes to remain anonymous, in memory of her father.

On April 15, we visited Ms. Sandukht and her three sons who live in Gugark village of Lori region. We surprised them with many gifts. :)

They now have a cow, a refrigerator, electric oven for baking bread, electric kettle, firewood for winter, dry/canned food to last them for VERY long time, clothing and footwear for the family, for boys we took school stationery, games and other necessary items.

Ms. Sandukht was so anxious that she could not hide her tears until the last moment, saying she did not believe that one day she would be helped, someone would help them, and today they have everything they need to live a better life.

Hopefully, after our visit, this family will be a start of prosperous and successful days.

Thank you, our anonymous friend. Astvats papait hogin lusavori <3

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