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Third Family in Lernapat, Lori Region is Saved! - Champs Charter High School Fundraiser - 5.1.18

Dear friends,

Thanks to Champs Charter High School in conjunction with our group donations, today, our group visited Marine, the single mother, and her 5 minor children living in the village of Lernapat, Lori Province.

We had many surprises for them. The most important thing is that we gave them a cow, 25 chickens, firewood to last the through the coming winter, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, dry/canned food to last them at least 1 year, clothes, shoes, toys for the children and a lot of stationery and school supplies.

The village mayor also joined us and thanked our organization for the amount of help we delivered to this family. Marine and her good and willing neighbors did not have the words to express their gratitude. Everyone was excited, happy, and the children were running from box to another looking at their gifts :)

We are more than certain that our visit will bring the this family a new future, as we have provided them with sustainable income and at the same time ensured that the children will no longer go to bed in hunger.

Thank you, Արմինե Մինասյան for organizing this with your students. God bless you all!

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