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Our Visit to Lernapat Village, Lori Province - Paint/Wine/Karaoke Fundraiser - 5.1.18

Dear friends, Here are the results of our Paint/Wine/Karaoke Fundraiser, where we helped 3 Families from extreme poverty. Here is the first family:

Today, our group visited Mrs. Haykanush's family living in the village of Lernapat in Lori Province. The family, especially the 15-year-old girl, has been waiting for our visit for a long time.

We had many gifts for them. They now have a cow, 25 live chicken, a washing machine, an electric oven, an electric kettle, a long time girl's dream, a computer, dry/canned food to last them at least 1 year, firewood for the upcoming winter, clothes and shoes for all members of the family.

Mrs. Haykanush was very excited, she said she did not expect such help, at the same time thanking us for this unexpected but very pleasant surprise. She said that she already made their first yogurt from the cow's milk and they will have a good and steady income from now on.

Ms. Haykanoush's neighbors, who were also happy for them, with the village mayor, joined in the congratulatory speeches. And Gohar, the her daughter, who has epilepsy, was looking and smiling cheerfully at her gifts.

I hope that the help provided to the family will be a huge step towards a good life.

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