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Second Family Helped in Lernapat, Lori Province - Paint/Wine/Karaoke Fundraiser - 5.1.18

Dear friends,

This is the second family whom we helped thanks to the fundraiser we had in April - Paint/Wine/Karaoke.

Today, our group visited the Tumasyan family living in the village of Lernapat in Lori Province. We took them two pigs, 25 live chicken, dry/canned food to last them at least a year, electric oven, an electric kettle, clothing and footwear for the members of the family, toys and stationery, school supplies for the children.

At our initial visit, the father mentioned that his son needed a surgery. I would also like to mention that a member of the Arabkir Medical Center is in touch with them, all the necessary documents are available and in process so that the child's surgery is done free of charge and our organization will cover the cost sand other expenses throughout their stay at the hospital.

We hope that the Tumasyan family will be able to properly manage the help we delivered today to ensure a sustainable incom for a more prosperous life.

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