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Family Saved in Kurtan Village, Lori Province - 5/13/18

Dear friends, Thanks to your generous donations, on May 13, our group visited a family with four children in the village of Kurtan of the Lori Province

Frankly, this family has never received any type of help before, and were not expecting this much help from us. We basically saved and changed their lives forever.

First of all, we took them a cow, which gives 15 liters of milk daily, firewood for the upcoming winter, gas stove; electric kettle, food to last them at least 1 year, clothing and footwear for all members of the family, school stationery and toys for the children.

The mother of the children was very excited and she said that she did not expect such assistance, she was so grateful, and the children were happy to study toys and other gifts, opening up one box after another to see their gifts.

This family is very hardworking and a creative family, and I'm more than certain that they will be able to get back on their feet in a short time and live a much better life from now on.

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