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Family Saved from Poverty in Vardablur Village, Lori - 5.15.18

Dear friends, Thanks to a generous donation from George Ignatius Foundation, on May 13, our group visited a family with three underage children living in the village of Vardablur, Lori Province.

The family's mother was very excited about our visit. We took them a cow, which was delivered a few days before our actual visit, and has already given enough milk for the family. And the grandmother has already made yogurt and cheese.

We also took them firewood for the upcoming winter, automatic washing machine, an electric kettle, dry/canned food to last them at least 1 year, clothes and shoes for all members of the family, school bags and school stationery for the children.

It is impossible to describe the happiness we instill in these family during our visit, happy parents, children full of joy, and grateful and thankful family.

I want to express my gratitude to the George Ignatius Foundation for their generosity. One more family was saved from poverty. They not only have a great boost to start a new life, but also a sustainable income to ensure the children will never be hungry again. The cow that was given to them will give them 15 Liters of milk on daily basis, which they will use to make dairy products for both their family and for sale. Thank you and God bless you.

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