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Visit to Grandparents and 3 Boys in Vanand Village - 7/18/18

Aid Beyond Borders - "Helping Needy In Armenia" added 104 new photos to the album: Visit to Grandparents and 3 Boys in Vanand Village - 7/18/18 — in Vanand, Armavir.

Published by Lilia Chakarian · July 18 ·

Dear friends, Our group visited 3 small children and their grandparents in Vanand village.

First of all, I would like to let you know that we solved the issue of them not having gas supply in the house, so that the grandmother doesn't have to burn firewood to make meals in this hot summer days. So, they already have natural gas :)

We also took them a cow and the grandmother said that milk will be consumed by the children on daily basis, in addition to solving their daily problems with the income they will receive by making dairy products and selling/exchanging.

In addition to these, we also took them an oven, a semi-automatic washing machine, small oven to bake bread, small TV set and player, dry/canned food to last them at least a year, school bags, school stationery, clothes and shoes for children and the grandparents, a lot of toys, bikes for children, and many other things.

The grandmother was touched by our visit, she was actually shocked and never imagined anyone helping them this way. She thanked everyone, and the children walked from one box to another, and then bikes, riding back and forth, then coming back to their toys.

Everyone was happy, and the grandparents were also peaceful, they do not have and will not have the problem of feeding the boys anymore, and all this thanks to you, thanks to your generosity, thanks to ALL our group members, friends, and family who are not indifferent to the fates of such families.

Thank you all <3 and God bless you abundantly.

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