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Our team visited Vardui and Her Son in Norabats, Ararat - 8.27.18

Aid Beyond Borders - "Helping Needy In Armenia" added 70 new photos to the album: Our team visited Vardui and Her Son in Norabats, Ararat - 8.27.18.

Published by Lilia Chakarian · August 30 ·

Varduhi, despite her young age, is already in a difficult situation. She is a single mother, whose husband left her and her three-year-old child, lives in a dilapidated building in Norabats, where there are rats everywhere.

And despite all this, Varduhi is a positive, smiling and bright woman.

There is a broom factory next to their house; and she works there and earns up to 1,000 drams a day, with the benefit of being able to care for herself and the baby's daily bread.

When we visited, there was no light in the house; the room lights were bad and Varduhi was unable to buy and install a new one because of lack of money.

We took a lot of food for her and said the food we took will last her more than a year. We also took her an electric oven and kettle, so that she can bake their own bread.

The child will attend a kindergarten from September but did not have clothes. We took her and her son a lot of clothes, underwear, new shoes and toys. The boy was very happy, especially on clothes, toys and sweets, and Varduhi smiled during our entire visit and looked at the presents in awe, saying she would not even think about anyone giving her so much food and clothing.

True, Varduhi is not demanding, she is not one of the people who complains about her situation, but she needs help until she can stand up on her own, even the smallest help can make his life easier for her.

Thank you all for helping her in this helpless situation, thank you for not being indifferent and helping to change a child's everyday life. God bless you.

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