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Visit to Armine's Family in Jrashen Village - 9/30/18

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Published by Lilia Chakarian · September 30, 2018 ·


Today we visited Armine and her family living in Jrashen Village. Armine's leg was amputated because of her illness (she has cancer), and her husband was forced to stay and take care of the family, being unable to go abroad to earn income for them. With that said, It's hard to describe their happiness after our visit.

First of all, they were extremely happy for the cow, now they have fresh milk products, besides, we had also taken them an automatic washing machine, a gas oven, and a vacuum cleaner. In addition, we took them a year worth of dry/canned food, lots of clothes for all members of the family, shoes, toys for kids, grass for the cow, and so on.

Armine said that she would no longer have to wash clothes by hand, it was a very difficult task for her because of her amputated leg. Her husband said that now they would have permanent income because they now have a cow that would help their family very much.

Thank you all, who made this happen for this family. Thanks to you, this family's life has changed drastically. They now have the boost they need to be able to support themselves and live normal lives. God bless you.

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