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Our Visit to Lilit & Family in Vanadzor, Lori - 10.12.2018

Aid Beyond Borders - "Helping Needy In Armenia" added 28 new photos to the album: Our Visit to Lilit & Family in Vanadzor, Lori - 10.12.2018 — in Vanadzor.

Published by Lilia Chakarian · October 12, 2018 ·

Today, we visited Lilit and her children.

This family lives in extreme conditions, in a rented house. Lilit's husband works as a contract army soldier in Artsakh. They have 2 girls, 7 and 4 years of age, and a 3 months old son.

Our visit was, as usual, a very happy one.

The children were extremely excited, especially for their toys, and Lilit could not express her gratitude. We took them dry/canned food to last them at least a year. However, most importantly, they now have a cow, which will not only ensure the family's daily food, but also will also generate them income on daily basis.

Along with the above, we took them a refrigerator, washing machine, electric oven to bake bread, electric kettle, lots of flour, clothes and shoes for all seasons and all members of the family, toys, school stationary, and more.

Lilit said that she will have fresh milk for the children and she would no longer need to worry about food for more than a year. Even their dog was happy with our visit and was running around with joy, greeting all of our group members one by one :)

Here is another family, who, thanks to you, has the opportunity to earn their daily income, the opportunity to care of themselves and be removed from the extreme situation.

All this is thanks to your generosity. Thank you and God bless <3

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