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Our Visit to Family in Mets Masrik Village - 10/28/18

Aid Beyond Borders - "Helping Needy In Armenia" added 28 new photos to the album: Our Visit to Family in Mets Masrik Village - 10/28/18.

Published by Lilia Chakarian · October 28, 2018 ·

Friends, Today we also visited a family living in the village of Mets Masrik, located in Gegharkunik Province. This family is a hard-working family who has an elderly grandmother in their care plus 2 children.

We took them a cow, which will give 15 liters of milk daily and in 2-3 months will have a baby, which will multiply their income. Now, not only does the family have their own daily food, they have a sustainable income by making different kinds of dairy products and selling/exchanging them for things they need.

We have also installed natural gas in their home. Now they will have constant gas in their kitchen as we also provided them with an oven. In addition, we took them a refrigerator, electric kettle, food to last them for a very long time, warm clothes for the grandmother and the whole family, shoes, toys for children and more.

The family's mother was very surprised, could not withstand tears, did not know what to do with so much joy that we gave her. she said that she had never received so much assistance from anyone, she did not even expect anyone to help her family. She said that because of this help, because of ensuring their survival for such a long time,they will work and collect money and build a bathroom and shower room for them )))

The family was very grateful to all the generous donors, and the grandmother blessed everyone and thanked again and again.

Thank you and God bless you <3

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