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Visit to Lusine and Family in Mets Masrik Village - 11/18/18

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Published by Lilia Chakarian · November 18, 2018 ·

Today, there was a real celebration at Lusine's home in Mets Masrik Village. They were living in extreme conditions, devoid of basic needs. Even though Lusine's husband, Valerik works, it's not nearly enough to even feed their children. Today, our group visited them with lots of surprises.

First of all, we installed natural gas in their home and now they have natural gas and a new stove. They also have a cow, which will give them 15 liters of milk a day, and will have a calf in about 2-3 months.

In addition, we also gave them food to last for at least a year, clothing and footwear for all members of the family, and toys for the children.

Lusine and Valerik told us that they had never received so many gifts and that after their wedding, this was the first time they received so many gifts, and the kids were just happy to have so many toys.)

The cow will not only be a sustainable income for them, but also source of food for their children. Thank you for changing their life. God bless!

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