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Aid Delivered to Family in Khachaghbyur Village - 5/27/18

Aid Beyond Borders - "Helping Needy In Armenia" added 50 new photos to the album: Aid Delivered to Family in Khachaghbyur Village - 5/27/18 — in Khach'Aghbyur, Geghark'Unik', Armenia.

Dear friends, Our group visited a large family living in Khachaghbyur village of Gegharkunik Province. We helped them with many things including a source for sustainable income,cow. We took them a refrigerator, automatic washing machine, electric oven, electric kettle, long-lasting food for a year, clothes and shoes for all family members, a lot of toys for children, and other necessities.

This is a family whose child, Mancho, said in one of the videos that he doesn't have any toys and would like toy cars. Now he has many :) Thank you for your support!

The family was very excited, especially the adults, all were happy, and the kids were impatiently going from one box to another in search for their toys.

Friends, together, we have instilled hope in this family, and have changed their life.

Hopefully, after our visit, the daily lives of this family will change dramatically, they will come out of socially insecure and extreme situation and will start living a more prosperous life.

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