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Koko's Birthday Fundraiser for Suren - 9/2/18

Aid Beyond Borders - "Helping Needy In Armenia" : Koko's Birthday Fundraiser for Suren - 9/2/18.

Thanks to George Shirikjian and his family, who organized a birthday fundraiser in honor of their son, Koko, another child's dreams came true.

Suren has always dreamed of having a bike and since his birthday, he has been waiting for his dream come true. However, since his mom could barely think about earning money for food, it was only a dream for him....and here we went with our surprises, which made him completely shocked.

First of all, I must say that the boy's dream finally became a reality and he now owns his own bike. Also, besides Henrik Mkhitaryan's football uniform and his dear team's ball, Suren and his sister received school bags, a lot of school and stationary supplies, and the sister's favorite doll, which she dreamed of having. They also received school uniforms and shoes and, of course, some of the medications which they could not buy.

One year of dance classes has also been paid off for Suren's sister.

The mother of the children was very happy and said that she could not imagine that her children would receive so many gifts and surprises, and she was so anxious that she could not find words to express her gratitude.

Suren always smiled and looked at his presents. We praised him for excelling in school and he promised that he will continue doing so :)

Thank you, once again, dear Shirikjian family for making Suren and his sister smile and making their dreams come true. God bless you.

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