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Our Team Visited Victoria Tatik - 2/4/2019 — in Charbakh, Yerevan, Armenia.

We learned about Victoria tatik several weeks ago, and were hoping to help her with everything we could. We learned that she lived alone and needed food. She lives alone in a dormitory in Charbakh. Yesterday, we finally paid her a visit, but took not only food to last her at least 7 months (but she said it will last her a year), but we also took her some medications she needed, boots, sleepwear, underwear, socks, etc.

Grandmother, most of all, was delighted with our visit. She said that she rarely has visitors and our visit was a special one. She also said that we did so much that she would not have to go to store for at least a year.

Another tatik doesn't have to think about food for a long time. Thank you all!

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