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Visit to Rosa and Her Daughter in Vanadzor - 2/4/2019 — in Vanadzor, Armenia

Dear Friends,

We visited a single mother today, Roza, who lives in Vanadzor. Ms. Rosa was a long-time educator, a respected specialist in her field in Vanadzor. Now, she does not have a job and lives alone with her daughter. Recently, she tried to work as a housekeeper, but her health condition did not allow her and she had to leave her job. No benefit, no pensions, no helpers, Rosa says no one has helped her in life, sometimes neighbors bring a meal, bring food when the are hungry.

Since he was ill and could not wash the clothes with her hands in a dilapidated and inexplicable house, she asked us if we can provide her with a washing machine, even if it was an old one.

Today, we gave him a new, automatic washing machine, as well as food to last them for a very long time including oil, granular food, as well as some clothes and shoes for her and her daughter.

Let's hope Mrs. Rosa will be healed, as she dreams of being able to teach her daughter to become an educated individual.

Thank you all for trusting us <3. Without you, it would not be possible!

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