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Visit to Single Mother and 2 Children - Shengavit - 2.10.19 — in Shengavit, Yerevan, Armenia.

Our team's next visit was to Hripsime and her two sons, who have medical problems. Those who do not remember, Hripsime is a single mother, who lived with her children in a rented apartment, who was considering taking her children to an orphanage, because even though working day and night, she wasn't able to sometimes buy her children food. We had a solution for her, and with our help, she will not be having these thoughts anymore. She will work harder and we are sure that she will be able to take care of her children from now on. Here is what we have provided for them:

1. We took them food and clothing to last them full year.

2. Refrigerator and automatic washing machine, as there was almost nothing in Hripsime's little rented room,

3. We have paid for Hripsime's hairdresser training course which will be done by a professional hairdresser and have bought all the necessary accessories for professional hairdressers so that she can work during and right after the training

4. We have taken the children to the hospital, as they had medical problems. We have started the process of getting them examined and see that all the necessary treatment is administered and the children are well.

Hripsime was very excited about our visit and did not expect this kind of help. The children were also very happy, with smiles on their faces, looking at the clothes and the gifts we had taken for them. I would like to note that regardless of their extreme bad conditions, the children were extremely smart, educated, behaved, and I am confident that a very bright future is waiting for them.

Thank you for reaching out to them with your generous donations. We have saved the life of yet another hard-working family, who now has hope and is looking forward for their future. God bless!

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