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Our Visit to Family in Lchavan Village - Gegharkunik - 3/3/19 — at Lchavan Village, Gegharkunik Prov

Today our group visited the family in Lchavan village in Gegharkunik province. The village was hard to get through because of a snowstorm and the road was almost impassable because of the severe weather. This village was located on the mountain top and the roads were almost closed due to the snowstorm.

All of this certainly did not prevent us from making the planned visit, because this family was in desperate in for help. They lived in a dilapidated kindergarten with children's mother with eye issues and unable to buy medication much needed for her eyes. So, we had many surprises for the family.

First of all, we gave them a cow, as a means for sustainable income, which will not only provide 15 liters of milk a day, but also will deliver a calf in about 2 months. The family can make all kinds of dairy products both for them and enough to sell to make income. Now, they will have fresh milk and other dairy products, a refrigerator, an oven to bake bread, an electric kettle,food to last them over a year.

Most importantly, we took all the medicines needed for Mother's eye to last for 4 months, because she needed those drugs, but could not afford to buy them because of financial difficulties. We also donated clothes, shoes, and other items for the children and parents for all seasons. The children were very happy and were opening the boxes with great interest and tried their clothes one after another.

I would like to once again thank all those who helped save one more family from extreme poverty, create daily income for them and help them get out of the desperate situation.

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