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Visit to David and his Mom in Vanadzor - 3.15.19 — in Vanadzor, Armenia

And here's our visit to Vanadzor, where, as you remember, Lusine lives with her 16-year-old boy in a rented apartment. Because of his mother's disability, David is the one working several jobs to provide food for them. Thanks to your help, here's what has been done for this family:

1. We have paid for their 6 months' rent, as a result of which they don't have to worry about rent, and save up the money they are getting from the government for other unexpected expenses.

2.We have completely paid off David's training courses, which will result in David's ability to acquire skills for doing professional work. This will take about 2-3 months to complete.

3. In order to ease David's burden, because he was the one doing the laundry, we have provided them with an automatic washing machine. We have also provided them with a gas oven, a refrigerator, an electric kettle, so that it can be easier for David to handle everyday problems that his mother cannot do because of her illness.

4. We have provided them with lots of dry/canned food in addition to some perishable food, which would satisfy the family for more than a year, and they would not need to spend money on food. This will buy them time, until David acquires new skills through his training so he doesn't have to work with acetone, nor clean yards for little pay. He will have a decent job to provide for himself and his mom.

5. Clothes and shoes for both of them, for all seasons.

Also, I want to note that thanks to the efforts of the Lori Marz Coordinator of our group, Lusine is already receiving the necessary treatment, under the supervision of health care providers, and David has also undergone the necessary medical examinations in order to be exempted from the army.

At the moment, because of our unity, David does not need to work day and night earning 500 drams a day to feed himself and his mother, but he will go to school neat and clean, then to his new workshops/training, and then hopefully find the right job(which we will follow up and make sure he gets a decent job). Let's hope the mother will soon recover and she will be able to build a bright future for her small family helping her son.

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