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Visit to Greta tatik & Grandchildren in Darpas Village 3.25.19 — at Darpas, Lori. March 26, 2019

Many of you remember Greta tatik who cared for her three grandchildren, whose mother left them and whose father was deaf.

Our group visited this family with many surprises. First, we gave them a pregnant cow which will give them 15 liters of milk on daily basis and 65 chicks which will give them over 60 eggs a day in about a month. Thanks to this, the family already has fresh milk and dairy products which they can not only use themselves, but also sell to make income.

In addition, we have given them a new refrigerator, a gas oven and an electric kettle, and now their daily lives are free of hardship, especially for tatik.

We have paid for dance lessons for 3 girls for 6 months rent so that children do not have to leave their favorite social activity. In addition to all this, we delivered them food so that they would not have anything to buy at the store for a long time, for about a year.

Lastly, we also took them quite a lot of clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories for the girls and for the grandma, for which they were infinitely glad and impatiently opening one another's gifts, looking at new shoes and clothes, and deciding whom they belong.

Grandmother was very excited about our visit and said that they had been saved and and thanks for the cow and chicken, they will have a stable income every day.

Thank you for being on our side and thank you for your trust and support! God bless you <3

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