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Our Visit to Kakhakn Village - Family w/ Sick Child - 4/16/19 — in Kakhakn, Geghark'Unik', A

Friends, Yesterday, we visited the family with 4 underage children, one of whom, as you may remember, had health problems and whatever the parents earned they paid for the care of their child and were in extreme condition.

We took them 10 sheep, an automatic washing machine, a refrigerator, an electric oven to bake bread, an electric kettle, food to last them for over a year, 100kg of flour so that they can bake their own bread, a lot of clothes and other hygiene items.

The family was amazed, constantly smiling from happiness as they did not expect such assistance.

We are confident that by helping such hard-working families, we support them in their quest out of poverty.

Thank you for your support, your trust in us, and together, we will change family at a time. God bless!

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