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Our Visit to Family with 7 Children - Kakhakn Village - 4-18-19 — in Kakhakn, Geghark'Unik',

Perhaps one of our most heartwarming and at the same time disheartening visits of our team this month was to the village of Kakhakn, where a family of 7 underage children live with their grandfather and mother.

To describe what was happening during our team's visit, is impossible. The children were so hungry that they ran towards the food at once and started eating the fruits, sweets, and whatever they could find. Then they went on to the clothes and toys that we took for them.

I'll start from the very beginning and from most things that we took them. We have given them a pregnant cow, which gives 15 liters of milk a day. This will give them fresh milk every day as well as become the source of a daily income for their large family. In addition, we have dedicated them an automatic washing machine, a refrigerator, an electric oven to bake bread, 100kg of flour, and a kettle to make their living a little better and easier for them. The food that we took them should last them for about a year. It was mostly dry/canned food. We also paid off their debt at the stores, which accumulated over the years.

The mom and the grandfather were surprised and thankful from our visit.

Haykush could not keep back the tears, and the grandfather did not stop thanking all their supporters.

I hope our visit will change a lot in this family's life and soon they will get out of the desperate situation. Thank you for your support and your trust in our work. God bless you <3

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