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Matthew's Fundraiser - Laptop for David - Vanadzor - 5/17/19

Today, I do not want to write about the hard life of David. I want to make this a happy post.

David is a wonderful young man who is ready to do everything possible only to ensure that his mother is healthy, and he can get a job and take care of his mother.

Several months ago, we helped David to start learning computer programs. Before that, he was doing a job that was very dangerous and carcinogenic. Taking labels off bottles with acetone. His fingers were all sore, so dry. But we got him out of it, because we found out he had interest in computers. He is a very intelligent kid, but he sometimes forgets what he had learned because he did not have a computer at home.

Thanks to Matthew, who raised funds by baking and selling cookies, David now has his own computer, with which he can earn a living, support his mother.

Matthew, kudos to you for your dedication, your heart, and your persistence. This is the second year you are doing a fundraiser to help a child. You have changed the lives of so many, at such a young age. Bravo!

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