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Visit to Single Mother in Areguni Village - 5/31/19 — in Areguni, Geghark'Unik', Armenia

Our groups visit this time was in Areguni village, Gegharkunik Province. This village is right by the Azeri border.

As you remember, we introduced Karine and her younger boy, who lived alone in the village, not knowing how to earn their daily bread.

Our visit to this family took place on May 31. We took a lot of things for them, the most important of which was a pregnant cow, which delivers 15 liters of milk daily. We also took them a refrigerator, automatic washing machine, electric oven for baking bread, electric kettle, clothing and shoes, and, of course, food to last them for a year.

Karine was crying all the time, did not know whether or not to believe that our visit was a reality. After so many difficulties, she already has a cow that gives her so much milk daily that she will be able to have sustainable income and will no longer think about how she will provide for her son. She did not even dream about home appliances and when she saw that she had so many new appliances, she didn't believe her eyes.

The boy was also very happy, especially with his gifts, clothes and shoes.

And there was so much food that in the next year, if not more, mother would not need to buy anything and selling dairy products from cow, she would be able to make some progress financially and solve their problems.

We are grateful to all of you for supporting our next family. Thanks for your trust and continuous support. God bless

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