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Family w/ 6 kids & Dad Protecting Borders - Areguni Villag 6-9-19 — in Areguni, Geghark'Unik

It is impossible to describe what was happening during our visit to a large family living in a borderline Areguni Village. 6 children, one of which needing surgery which the family could not afford, and children's father protecting our borders.

When we reached and unloaded the truck, the children opened one boxes and immediately went from one box to another, tried the sweets, then went to the others, eating fruits and trying on the clothes we took them.

Let's start from the very beginning. The most important thing we did for the family is to give them a pregnant cow, that will give them 15 liters of milk on daily basis. The second most important thing was making sure the child, who needed the surgery, was able to undergo with success.

Besides these to important things mentioned above, we have a refrigerator, an electric kettle, an electric oven to bake bread, lots of blankets, clothes and shoes for all members of the family, food to last them a year, toys for children and more. items.

And on Monday, a child who needs surgery was taken to the hospital because with your donations, we were able to buy the metal device that needed to be implanted in the child's hip/leg area. The surgery went successfully and the child is now recovering at the hospital and we are still monitoring and getting them what they need while they stay in Yerevan.

The grandmother and mother were very happy and excited, and the children were studying gifts and smiling from happiness.

Thanks to all of you and our team, thanks to all of us,another family has come out of extreme hardships and can start a life with less hardship, less worry, and sustainable income which will make sure the children will not be hungry anymore.

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