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Visit to Family with Many Children in Vanadzor - 7.2.19

Finally, our group was in Vanadzor to a family with many children. What has been happening during our visit is only reminiscent of smiles and happiness. First of all, we gave them a pregnant cow that will give them 15 liters of milk, as a sustainable income. In addition, we donated a refrigerator, a semi-automatic washing machine, an oven to bake bread, an electric kettle, lots of clothes for all seasons for all members of the family, 1 year worth of dry food, and toys for children. In addition, one of the members from our group asked to give $140 to Mrs. Tamara, so she was paid 60,000 drams, and she said she has some debt at the store, which she will pay off completely.

The kids were running from side to side, looking for gifts, and Mrs. Tamara was astonished, did not believe she had received so much help and said that for so many years in their lives, no one would help them and they could not believe that help can amount to this much. She thanked all of you, send blessings your way.

As you can see, thanks to the efforts of all of us, the another family is supported and we are more than confident that this hard-working family will be able to stand on their own very soon and take care of their own needs in a very short period of time. Thank you all <3 God bless you

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