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Visit to Hard-Working Family in Vanadzor - 7/2/19

The next visit to Vanadzor was to Nelly's family, who has two minor children in her care, and her husband receives only 60,000 drams of wages, half of which is confiscated because the family had debts to the state. As I mentioned in the fundraiser, this is a hard-working family, who needed a little boost from us.

So, our group paid them a visit and most importantly the family now has a source for sustainable income, a pregnant cow that will give them 15 liters of milk a day. In addition we have donated a refrigerator, a gas cooker and an electric kettle to make the mom's life a little easier. In addition to these, we had so much food for them that they would not have to buy anything from the store in the next year. We also donated a lot of clothes for the baby and the whole family.

Nelly could not find words to express her joy and gratitude, thankfulness and excitement, this is all we could see in her eyes.

Thanks to you and all of us, a very hard-working family will come out of extreme poverty and will be able to earn their daily bread and get back on their feet very soon.

Thank you for your support and trust. God bless you

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