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Help Delivered to Single Mother -Aznvadzor Village, Lori -8/19/19

Our group paid another visit to Aznvadzor Village in Lori Province. This time to a single mom, Anna, and her two wonderful sons. As you may remember, Anna and her two children lived in extremely difficult conditions in the village, barely surviving.

As with all our visits, our main gift for the family was a cow that will give them about 12-15 liters of milk a day, from which Anna already makes and sells cheese and other dairy products, and the rest uses to care for her children's needs, to have fresh dairy at home every day.

In addition to the cow, we have also given Anna a refrigerator, an electric oven, and an electric kettle, which will make her life much easier. In addition, we had also taken food which will last the family for about a year, 100kg of flour, and so they don't have to purchase any food, saving the income from the cow for other necessities they might have along the way. Furthermore, we took them plenty of clothes and shoes, toys that the children were very happy about, especially the little boy who was mostly happy about different kinds of shoes and clothes.

Our regular visit to another small family changed a whole lot. Today, the two little children are no longer hungry, and their mother no longer thinks how she is going to feed them.

Thank you all for your trust and support! Together, we changed another family's life! God bless you all!

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