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Vem's Birthday Fundraiser for Saro - Vanadzor - 9/20/19

Today was one of the most happiest days of Saro's life. His dreams because a reality thanks to Vem, who, on his 10th birthday decided to make a dream come true for Saro, whose parents, due to financial hardships, were unable to purchase these items for him.

Here is a little about Saro and his family: Saro's family faces many hardships and had to make the difficult decision to place him and his two sisters in a night boarding school because they could no longer afford to feed them. Recently, the boarding school closed permanently and the children were sent back to their parents in Karaberd Village. The family moved to Vanadzor in order for the children to attend a school since Karaberd Village did not have a school near by. With the help of some organizations, the family was able to move into a rented apartment. The family commutes back and forth to tend to the small land they have in Karaberd Village in order to make a living in the summer months. However, they barely make ends meet and are unable to provide any extra's for their children.

The family of 4 underage children, including Saro, who had no school bags or stationery, received that also, on top of Saro's gifts.

Saro received his bike and soccer uniform, as well as enough stationary to last him the whole school year. They also received 8 moths worth of food, many clothes, shoes, and also an electric over, with which Saro's mom can bake bread and other things.

The mother said excitedly that her and the children's dreams had come true and that the children could already go to school, whereas before our visit, they were ashamed to do so because of not having minimal items needed for school. And most of all, that his son's dream came true. He now has a bicycle that he can ride in the neighborhood.

Thank you Vem and family/friends, for making this dream a reality. God Bless you.

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